Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Soulja Boy Marv Cranks Dat

marv albert soulja boy nba
A Marv Albert-Soulja Boy Mashup?

In case you missed it, the whole fiasco started when the Wizards decided to start trash talking before they even set foot in Cleveland for Game 1. First, Gilbert Arenas, aka "Agent 0" decided to say there's no way Cleveland could beat them 3 straight playoffs and that this year's team wasn't as good as before. Then, DeShawn Stevenson who has no real credentials other than being associated with Arenas as a teammate, decided to open his mouth and call out Lebron as "overrated". Big Mistake. When you call out one of the top players in the league before a series starts, it's more than enough to propel the Cavs to things like Monday night's 30 point win.

King James also used a rap analogy as his retort, saying that Stevenson calling him out was like Soulja Boy calling out Jay-Z. It just wouldn't make sense or be realistic to even consider the 1 hit wonder Soulja Boy calling out one of the Greatest of All Time in Jay-Z.

TNT got into the fray of things as well. Analyst Marv Albert discussed the whole war of words during Monday night's game, and Marv's iPod full of rap songs was also joked about. Then the creative folks in TNT's editing lab got into things, and what resulted was a mashup of Marv meets Soulja Boy.

Watch the YouTube video of Marv Albert as Soulja Boy here!

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