Monday, April 28, 2008

Don't Call it a Comeback...

The Phoenix Suns had a "must win" game on Sunday. Not so much to keep their playoff hopes alive (many feel the Suns are done), but more to keep their reputation in tact. At the start of the season, Phoenix was a favorite of many analysts to make the NBA Finals. They added Grant Hill during the offseason, then the monstrous but aged Shaq in the middle, while losing do-everything-player, Shawn Marion. The Suns had their ups and downs through the season, then drew the unfortunate short straw in the Western playoffs of having San Antonio in Round 1. They had a tough double OT loss to the Spurs in Game 1, and after two more games found themselves down 2-0 to the world champs.

Raja Bell said the Suns felt embarassed by their 3-0 deficit, and the team responded in Game 4 in Phoenix, with an impressive showing. Phoenix jumped up to an impressive lead in the first half of the game, playing with intensity and never looked back. Boris Diaw was the unlikely hero with 20 points. Despite Phoenix coach Mike D'Antoni being booted in the 4th, the end result was a big win for Phoenix 105-86. While the Phoenix win makes them a bit more respectable, they will have to pull off the improbable and win 3 more games against the defending champions...

Meanwhile, the Denver Nuggets could soon be the only team swept out of the playoffs in round 1. It would be curious because the West was supposed to be ultra-competitive, so you'd expect if any team would be swept, it would be Philly or Atlanta. That's not the case, both teams are still alive in their series as of right now. (Philly 2-2 and Atlanta 1-2). After the Nuggets lost Game 3 in Denver, Carmelo Anthony accused his team of simply quitting. AI told TNT's Craig Sager after the game, this wasn't the case, because they gave what they had and it just didn't work out. Denver needs to show up Monday night at 10:30 and achieve at least 1 win for respect's sake. Their coach George Karl has told Denver news sources that he will return for next season as head coach. Nuggets, give your continuing coach something to build upon for next year.

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