Monday, February 04, 2008

Lakers & Pistons Win on Superbowl Sunday

On a day of one of the biggest upsets in sports, the underdog New York Giants took out the undefeated New England Patriots. ending talks of the perfect season. Two NBA games took place were definitely in the shadows of the biggest game of NFL's season.

In one contest, the Lakers took out the Washington Wizards 103-91. Cron Butler returned from injury hiatus, but scored just 15 points for his team. Kobe notched 25 in the first half and 30 points for the game to help his team win. The Lakers lead the game through the entire contest in DC.

The other game of Sunday's 2 game schedule saw the Mavericks get crushed by the Detroit Pistons, 90-67 Rasheed scored 21 points along with 9 rebounds. This was the Pistons' 5th straight win. THere as no clear reason for the Mav's letdown in this one, comparing turnovers and points in the paint, things looked even, but the Pistons managed to completely dominate, leading by as much as 26 in the game.

It still looks wide open for who will be the NBA champs this year. The Pistons are definitely sending a message in the East, but you can't count out teams like Boston, Orlando and maybe even Cleveland. As for the West that Conference is very wide open, with many analysts saying until the Spurs are beaten in a series, they are the team to beat.

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