Wednesday, December 19, 2007

MJ Practices With Bobcats

Let the rumors start up again. The legend was back on the court, away from his role as observer and part owner. Yes, Michael Jordan decided it was time to practice with the team this past Tuesday. Something he did with the Washington Wizards before he decided he needed to come back to the game. Is this deja vu?

Jordan claims he took to the court to show the Bobcats the little things they were doing wrong. The team's lost 10 of its last 12 games and MJ felt he could lend a bit of wisdom. The Bobcats sit at 8-14 and are better than only a handful of Eastern Conference teams. They also seem to lack that "go to guy" that most teams have, despite adding the services of superstar Jason Richardson this past off-season.

According to Canadian Press, "I also told them yesterday that on this team we have no all-stars - none," Jordan said. "That means everybody has to rely upon each other to be successful. Until we develop an all-star that can take over a game, I think it's very important for them to understand that they have to play as a unit. I think that's the message that a lot of the guys got."

Jordan is 44 years old which definitely isn't anywhere near the average age for NBA players. So don't call it a comeback, just call it a practice and teaching session. Jordan should continue to man things from the sideline, but dropping by to share his wisdom isn't going to hurt the team by any means.

Read more about Jordan's return to the court here.

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