Monday, June 29, 2009

Yao Ming's Foot Injury Could End Career

The Houston Chronicle discusses the notion that Rockets All-Star Center, Yao Ming, could miss all of next season and possibly even end his career. The problem is that stubborn foot injury which kept him out of the playoff series against the Lakers. Yao is having no symptoms or physical signs due to the injury, but CT scans said otherwise. Apparently the foot's not healing as it should and may require Yao to be benched again next season. The team doctor, Tom Clanton, said the likeliness that Yao plays again depends on the success of whichever treatments are used.

Apparently, Yao had a pin inserted in his foot back in 2006 and played in the Olympics less than six months after that. This current situation while not as serious an injury as in 2006, may require more serious treatment.

From Houston Chronicle:

The surgical treatment options could include placing a pin inside the foot, a bone graft or even realigning the foot to operate differently. Cleveland Cavaliers center Zydrunas Ilgauskas underwent similar procedures, reducing his high arch to a flatter foot position, an option that could be considered for Yao, Clanton said, though his arch is not as high as Ilgauskas’ was.

The Rockets enjoyed a tremendous 2008-09 NBA season and unfortunately met up with the eventual NBA Champs (minus Yao) in the postseason. They still possess a nicely formed, talented group including Ron Artest and Shane Battier, but T-Mac has been an injury question mark as well. Yao's had a plethora of foot injuries during his stellar career, but let's hope this latest one heals and allows the phenom to continue play. If not, the Rockets may have to consider shopping in the free agent market to pickup a new star.

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