Thursday, January 15, 2009

Reggie Miller Talks Obama Bball

TNT NBA analyst and NBA legend, Reggie Miller is hoping that soon-to-be President Barack Obama puts a regulation basketball court in the white house. If he does, Miller wants in on the pickup game. Reggie, who has yet to meet Obama, recently discussed Barack Obama's basketball style with CNN. According to Miller, Obama's left-handed game reminds him of other lefties he's played against such as Greg Anthony , or Hall of Famer, Nate "Tiny" Archibald.

Miller had the following to say regarding Obama's game and his campaign demeanor:

CNN: From what you've seen, how good a player is Obama?

Miller: I would not mind picking him up on my squad; if there were 10 guys and we had to pick, he could definitely be in my squad. Because he knows what his strength is -- making sure that everyone gets involved, and that's the kind of point guard I want. Those are guys like Magic Johnson, Mark Jackson, John Stockton, it's not all about them; it's about let's make sure our team is good. He's going to get the ball to everyone.

CNN: Speaking of being commander in chief, what are the lessons that you take away from Obama's basketball that you think would be useful?

Miller: If you look at his demeanor, he's very cool; you have to be cool under pressure. You can't make hasty decisions. You've got to look at the full picture as a whole and then you assess it. And I think from a strategic and a political standpoint, I think that very much sums up Mr. Obama.

You look at him during the debate and during the campaign, he pretty much never got too high and never got too low; he just kind of stayed right in the middle. When you're making the decisions that he's going to be making, for our economy, for Iraq, Afghanistan, you want someone who's levelheaded who's going to look at the big picture, who's going to rely on his Cabinet, which would be the other players.

You want them to all be on same page, which you want your starting five to be, and then you go out there and execute it.


Read the entire Reggie Miller CNN interview piece here.

Obama's been seen in pickup games around the country, including this game with some Indiana High School students. You can also see his skills on display as Obama hits a 3 pointer, a la Reggie Miller.

Check out YouTube footage of Barack playing ball back in High School!

Watch George Bush play b-ball in Belfast!

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