Thursday, December 18, 2008

Will this be Celtics Best Season Ever ...?

If your current favorite NBA team is anyone but the Celtics you may be green with envy. Currently, Boston sits pretty with the best record in the NBA, a 24-2 start. It's also the franchise's best start ever, even better than the days of the Larry Bird and other legendary squads Boston has put together.

It's no secret why the current team is doing so well, the power of 3 selfless superstars coming together for the good of the team. Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen each have the personalities of leaders who lead by example and encourage others to get involved in the effort. Paul Pierce has been a mainstay of the team for years, and suffered through adversity there, including poor seasons below .500. But now the team has reason to celebrate with a champion for the 3 superstars, and they only continue to build on that success.

Will this team outdo the Chicago Bulls team that won 70 plus games? It's quite possible at this pace. The Hawks gave the Celtics another run for their money last night, and also defeated the Cavs recently. Should the Celtics draw Atlanta again in the 2009 playoffs, things will get interesting. Also, there's no reason not to believe the Lakers can play spoilers should we see a rematch of last year's finals. While the Lakers may not have as great a record now or even at the end of the 09' campaign, Kobe, Gasol, Odom and Bynum definitely have the superstar power to match and defeat this Boston squad. Christmas day could provide an early preview of that rematch too, as the Celts travel to LA to face Kobe and his Lakers.... As for this early Boston performance guaranteeing Finals success, remember back to a Patriots team that looked unstoppable, and they were dethroned in the Superbowl by an aggressive and NY Giants team. So while the Celtics add wins, there may be another team preparing quietly to win a battle later on.

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