Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cavaliers & Celtics Keep the Wins Comin'

paul pierce vs lebron james
(Which player's team will outdo the other's in 2008-09?)

The two hottest teams in all the NBA right now are definitely the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics. As the Cavs keep on winning, so do the Celts. Currently Cleveland has won 11 straight, but Boston is better winning 14 straight games. Each team added to their win total on Friday night.

On Friday night Cleveland took out the Sixers 88-72 to improve to a 20-3 record on the season. Meanwhile in Beantown, the Celtics defeated the New Orleans Hornets 94-82. Boston sits at a 22-2 record, just slightly better than the red-hot Cavs. The Celtics are on their best winning streak since 1981-82 when they won 18 straight, while the Cavs can achieve their franchise record for consecutive wins with a win Saturday night in Atlanta. Last year, The Houston Rockets won over 20 straight games making them one of the most impressive teams in all of pro sports. Even more amazing, they won many of the games without Yao Ming. Will Boston or Cleveland better that streak this season?

These two teams met in last year's playoffs, with the result being an extended series, but the Big 3 triumphant over King James, mostly thanks to captain Paul Pierce. Currently James is right where he should be, atop the thrown as NBA leading scorer (30 ppg). The Big 3 are nowhere to be found in the top 10 scorers, as they don't need to be. The Celtics pride themselves on outstanding Team D and unity. Paul Pierce is the closest to the 10 spot for scorers, at 34th in scoring, while KG is down at 45th. Seasons ago, these two were in the top 10, but no need for that now. Contributions from these guys vary by game, with Ray Allen the lead scorer a few nights ago. Sometimes it's KG, sometimes it's Pierce, but that's acceptable when you're a solid unit and the current champs.

Curious as to when these two ultra-hot win machines will collide? The Celtics and Cavs don't play until the new year, on January 9th, 2009 in Cleveland. As far as the Celtics first possible loss, the Lakers might be the team to do it in a Christmas day showdown at 5 PM in Los Angeles...

See more about the Celtics and Cavs impressive win streaks, and the rest of NBA's Friday games.

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