Friday, October 17, 2008

Will an NBA Team Sign Stuart Tanner?

Amazingly enough the highlight of the preseason NBA isn't a facial from Lebron, a Chris Paul lookaway pass or a brawl spilling into the front stands. Instead it's footage of a 28-year old amateur basketball player defeating Nets guard Devin Harris in a game of one-on-one.

Tanner challenged Harris to the contest earlier this month in Stockwell, London. Devin Harris was there for a Nets preason game, so why not? Harris has four years under his belt, including a stint with the Mavericks in the Finals. Tanner is working towards becoming a personal trainer, and was merely a fan. Well that's what Devin thought!

Stuart Tanner was able to fake Harris, dribble between his legs, hit swish jumpers and basically embarass a guy who is paid millions to play the sport. The crowd roared in approval. YouTube viewership has soared of the video to the stat of over 3.5 million views of the footage.

Devin the dude had the following comments:

Harris is then shown on the clip exclaiming: "Man, did you see how fast he was?"

"He tricked me. He hustled me on my own court. He might be able to get an NBA contract. We might need to sign him up tonight," Harris said.

What a good sport Harris is, being gracious in defeat. After all he may have been embarassed, but he still gets to play before crowded arenas, making millions while tossing lob passes to Vince Carter. Tanner's definitely got game, so will an NBA team please sign this baller before the And 1 mixtape tour does?

Watch a 2:05 video clip of Tanner vs. Devin at YouTube.

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