Sunday, March 09, 2008

When Will Rockets Land?

Just over a week ago, I discussed here at the Love and Basketball blog how the injury of Yao Ming would ground the Rockets, who were on an impressive run. Since then, they've continued their winning ways, thanks to the power of superstar Tracy McGrady. As of Saturday night, T-Mac and his Houston crew are now on an 18 game winning streak, one of the more impressive streaks in recent sports history. Last night T-Mac put on a show scoring 41 points, 9 assists and 6 rebounds to lead his team over a very good New Orleans squad in the West.

According to the Houston Chronicle:

If this wasn't a perfect game, it was close. McGrady was on the floor for all 48 minutes, scored 41 points, handed out nine assists and grabbed six rebounds.

Years from now when someone asks you why McGrady was special, tell him to watch this game. Whenever New Orleans seemed about to get back in it, McGrady delivered.

"We also had Tracy McGrady, and it didn't matter what they did," Rafer Alston said.

When it was over, when the Rockets had beaten the Hornets 106-96 to become just the seventh NBA team to win 18 games in a row, they acted like a bunch of high school kids.

Full Houston Chronicle article

T-Mac is definitely one of the top stars of our beloved b-ball league, but the problem will come when they have to win a series of consecutive games against a San Antonio, Dallas, Phoenix or even Lakers. That's not to say the Rockets aren't capable. According to the Chronicle article, the Rockets do all the intangibles necessary to scrap and win games. You'd have to attribute that to a guy like Shane Battier, who's always been a defensive stalwart and the type to get splinters by taking charges or diving for loose balls.

Houston may have a problem. Playoff time may be a reality check, when the Rockets are brought down to earth. For now it's fun to watch them continue to blast off into the stratosphere, and engrave their names into the NBA history books.

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