Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Great Debate: Kobe or Lebron?

ESPN ran the great debate of 2008 on Sportscenter today. Is it Kobe or Lebron who is best equipped to lead our NBA nation? Arguing on behalf of Kobe was former All-star, Jamal Mashburn. On behalf of Lebron was all-time 3 point marksman, Tim Legler. Mashburn argued for Kobe in terms of past achievements, with Legler discussing how the league needs "change" and the potential of Lebron is great for the future basketball nation.

Here's how their team records and stats measure up as of this moment in time.

Lebron James
Cavaliers Record (34-26)

PPG 30.3
RPG 8.1
APG 7.5
SPG 2.0
BPG 1.0

Kobe Bryant
Lakers Record (42-18)

PPG 28.2
RPG 6.1
APG 5.4
SPG 2.0
BPG 0.6

In terms of stats, Lebron is almost triple double status. Kobe's are just as impressive. We get another glimpse at these two phenoms as the Lakers and Cavs face off in a battle yet again. Will Lebron or Kobe's scoring and playmaking make the difference, or will someone on their surrounding cast make the big plays?

Right now in terms of MVP vote, Kobe seems to have it due to team record. However, you'd have to believe each of these superstars will have at least one NBA MVP award when their legendary careers end.

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