Saturday, February 09, 2008

The West is Making Moves

Not Jerry West, but the Western Conference. It's just becoming painfully apparent that the Western teams of the NBA want to improve and want to win. It seems as if the Eastern teams with the exception of 2 teams that made moves this offseason (Orlando & Boston), do not want to win for now.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Jason Kidd wind up in Dallas before February 21st's trade deadline. The Mavs are looking to improve upon their team and that surely would help a lot. Nothing against their current guards, but adding a court visionary and leader like J Kidd will absolutely improve their offensive flow. Dallas is already known as a relatively high scoring and uptempo team, and having Kidd with Dirk would be akin to having Nash with Nowitski. Great point guard, great front court player. It's a winning formula that could push them past the Suns or Spurs. Ron Artest may also be dealt from Sacramento. It would not be surprising if he went to yet another team out West.

Looking at what the East has done, the Miami Heat were DOA before the Shaq trade, so it's hard to really give them props right now. The Nets picking up Stromile Swift helps, but not enough. I wouldn't expect this to turn NJ into contenders. However, if they swing a deal with Dallas and pick up some new talent, possibly it inspires Vince Carter to step it up. The Cavs are one team who has made the Finals but doesn't appear interested in going back or winning it. No moves made, yet.

The Celtics are one of few Eastern teams who went leaps and bounds to improve in the East. That will be put to the test on Sunday when the Spurs come to Boston. Unfortunately, KG who makes the Celts tough to beat will be watching courtside with his abdominal injury. Orlando is the other as they added Rashard Lewis who is a deadly scorer. Combine him with the incredible inside presence of an emerging Dwight Howard, and you can't ignore Orlando as a possible contender.

Watch for a few more moves before February 21st, and don't be surprised if analysts continue to praise the Western Conference for the next few years.

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