Saturday, February 19, 2011

NBA All-Star Saturday 2011 Results & Winners

If you bet on Derrick Rose, Ray Allen and Blake Griffin to win tonight's All-Star Saturday contests, you were 1 for 3. As predicted, LA Clippers star Blake Griffin took the trophy for the dunk contest, after he leaped over a parked car in a single bound. That car was a brand new Kia and had his teammate Baron Davis inside, tossing the ball out of it from the sunroof.

The dunk contest capped off the night of events for All-Star Weekend 2011, which started with the Haier Shooting Stars contest. Teams of 3 players competed, made up of a WNBA player, current NBA star and legend from NBA past. The winning team was the Atlanta squad composed of Coco Miller, Steve Smith and Al Horford. Horford hit the big half-court three-point shot to help them win in good time. The defending champs, Team Texas, couldn't put that shot away, even with Kenny Smith and Dirk Nowitski on the floor.

Next up, it was the Taco Bell Skills Challenge. Competing in 2011 were Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, Stephen Curry, John Wall and Chris Paul. Stephen Curry ran through the course featuring dribbling, passing and shooting drills, in excellent time. Nobody was as fast as the young star and he took the trophy while also earning a young female fan a $30,000 scholarship. Not bad!

The Three-Point Shootout was next in line, with all eyes on the new NBA leader in 3's, Ray Allen. Allen would beat out his Celtics teammate, Paul Pierce, and make it to the finals, against James Jones. Jones was not predicted by many to win it, but he was the real deal tonight. The Heat star scored 20 in the finals, while Allen faltered on his final rack, finishing with 15. Congratulations to Jones, although Ray Allen still reigns supreme all-time.

And then there was the dunk contest...People have been sour on this event in year's past, and it did offer some creativity this time around. There was a questionable score of 50 given to Serge Ibaka on his takeoff from behind the FT line. DeMar DeRozan had some impressive slams, but the finals came down to Javal McGee of the Wizards against Blake Griffin of the Clippers. McGee had some interesting dunks, one of which included two basketballs and two rims next to each other. Another included McGee dunking 3 balls into one basket, in succession.

However, Blake Griffin and his hype man coach, Kenny Smith had a master plan. Griffin's final dunk involved a brand new Kia brought to the floor near the basket. Smith had a Crenshaw Choir singing "I Believe I Can Fly" and then Griffin ran, jumped, caught the pass from Davis from the car, and jumped over the hood of the car to dunk. After the recently added idea of fans voting for the finals by text or internet, Griffin had won the event. In an emotional moment, he dedicated the win to his best friend who recently passed away.

Hat's off to all of the competitors on some great contests tonight. Also, a shout to the hilarious commentary of the TNT team with Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Reggie Miller. Now we can all look forward to a fun game on Sunday night when East meets West!

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