Saturday, February 13, 2010

E! True Hollywood Story Basketball Wives

A recently broadcast episode of E!'s True Hollywood Story "Basketball Wives" showcased what it's like to be the wife of a NBA star these days. Various NBA players and basketball wives were featured in the inside look at professional basketball relationships. Included on the show were Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson, Dwyane Wade, Charlie Bell, Jason Maxiell and Kiki Vandeweghe among others.

Milwaukee Bucks star Charlie Bell and his wife Kenya were just one of the couples spotlighted on the show. The couple first met in college, when a shy Charlie Bell kept calling Kenya and finally got his first date with her. The two stuck together since then. They discussed the ups and downs of Charlie getting signed one minute, then cut or traded the next. It went from the good life right back to not knowing how they were going to pay for life. They talked about having a nice apartment fully furnished and then before they knew it having to use food stamps to get food. Bell was traded between the Suns and Dallas Mavs, and eventually signed with a team over in Italy. His wife discussed how she had made the decision to marry Charlie for better or worse so she decided to make the move to Europe with him.

The E! Hollywood Story "Basketball Wives" also offers an in-depth look at the Siohvaughn Funches Dwyane Wade story and has insight on other relationships including those of Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson. The show is next scheduled to air at 12 AM EST on E! right after All-Star Saturday should be wrapping up.

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At 1/23/2011 5:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your crazy as hell. NONE of the people you named is on this show. As a matter of fact, NONE of these WHORES is even married to an NBA player, except that thing Jennifer, and Bucky the Beaver doesn't even want her skank ass anymore. Evelyn should be on an advertisment for horse feed, she really should try for Mr. Ed. Shaunie a skank that Shaq shouldn't have EVER married. Now he's got all those UGLY kids. Royce is the ONLY one that MIGHT have something going for her...and she's trying WAY too hard to fit in with these has-been skanks.


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