Monday, April 13, 2009

2009 NBA Playoffs Matchups & Schedule

The 2009 NBA Playoffs schedule opens on Saturday, April 18th and seem to hold plenty of intriguing matchups and storylines. Most interesting may be the fact that the Lakers and Cavs seem on a potential collision course in the NBA Finals, which would finally pit the two arguably best players in the game against one another. A Kobe Bryant-Lebron James face-off in the Finals may be the dream of many hoops fans as well as Commissioner David Stern, but let's get through the rest of the playoffs first, giving the others a chance. After all, the Boston Celtics are still the reigning champs, and gained the services of one Stephon Marbury. The East has 3 potential suitors for the NBA Championship in Cleveland, Boston, and Orlando, while there's always room for some surprises. The Chicago Bulls have even managed to get themselves back into the hunt once again, giving President Obama reason for hope.

In the NBA's Western Conference is where the real intrigue lies, as the Lakers have been the best of the West, but you've got the tried and true San Antonio Spurs who have some chance to give them problems. The Trailblazers have split their season series with LA, while Denver, Houston, New Orleans, Dallas and Utah aren't exactly slouches either. Particulary interesting first round matchups could see Utah squaring off against San Antonio and the young, talented Trailblazers facing a powerful inside game and defensive-minded nature of the Houston Rockets team.

The NBA's regular season ends Wednesday and the Cavs could potentially be a frightening 40-1 at home for the season. Their 1 loss of course comes to the other frightening phenomenon in the NBA, the 2008-09 LA Lakers.

The playoff teams have all been determined so there won't be any major drama in these final few days of regular season play, but here's how things stand as of today:

Western Conference playoff teams:

#1 seed: LA Lakers
#2 seed: San Antonio Spurs
#3 seed: Denver Nuggets
#4 seed: Houston Rockets
#5 seed: Portland Trailblazers
#6 seed: New Orleans Hornets
#7 seed: Utah Jazz
#8 seed: Dallas Mavericks

Eastern Conference playoff teams:

#1 seed: Cleveland Cavaliers
#2 seed: Boston Celtics
#3 seed: Orlando Magic
#4 seed: Atlanta Hawks
#5 seed: Miami Heat
#6 seed: Philadelphia 76ers
#7 seed: Chicago Bulls
#8 seed: Detroit Pistons

Sports Illustrated breaks down the potential 2009 NBA Playoff matchups and projections.

Stay tuned as the 2009 NBA Playoff matchups and schedule are announced...

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