Sunday, February 22, 2009

Twitter Brings Fans to Real Shaq

The social media tool known as Twitter recently helped two starstruck fans meet up with NBA legend, the big Aristotle, Shaquille O'Neal. Shaq uses the Twitter site under the name "The_Real_Shaq" and while many may have questioned if it was the real deal, it's now come to the attention of the masses that it is in fact the superstar center. He's tweeted such thing as "Kobe is the best, he told me to take the trophy hm for my sons, class act, thanks bro" and "Im wit steve nash, hes the best, a hip hop scott skiles". Right now, Shaq has over 137,000 followers on his Twitter account, and two of them decided to track his Tweets, eventually leading them precisely to Shaq's whereabouts in Phoenix, Arizona.

The scene was the "5 & Diner" in Phoenix which is where Shaq "tweeted" on Twitter that he'd be heading to for a bite to eat. The two fans, Jesse Bearden and pal Sean headed to the spot, saw Shaq's big black SUV with Superman logo parked outside, then surprisingly noticed the big fella was actually seated inside the diner by himself. The two took a seat and ordered, while nervously deciding whether to approach Shaq or not. Finally one of the guys' got the following "tweet" from Shaq on their iPhone:

I feel twitterers around me, r there any twitterers in 5 n diner wit me, say somethin

The duo continued to whisper about whether they should go talk to Shaq, and finally a voice boomed in "Yes you should." The rest is classic NBA fan history as the two were able to take pics with the superstar, who according to reports tipped $200 for his $20 meal with Sprite. They recounted the story on their blog which right about now is becoming about as big as the Real Shaq...

To top it all off, Shaq tweeted the following after the meeting:

To all twitterers , if u c me n public come say hi, we r not the same we r from twitteronia, we connect

Here's the full amazing story of how Twitter united two fans with Shaq.

And here's at least 3 confirmed real NBA stars on Twitter:


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