Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bulls' Choice: Beasley or Rose?

The Chicago Bulls had just a 1.7% chancce of winning the NBA's version of the lottery on Tuesday night, and now they face the big choice: Beasley or Rose?

The consensus seems to say that Rose is the lock for #1 pick in the draft, however he is a PG and the Bulls have Hinrich. Hinrich could always slide into the shooting guard role. Beasley would give the Bulls even more size upfront, but some say he may have some red flag issues. As a longtime Bulls fan, I'd say the Bulls should do what they should have for several years now: make a trade for veteran talent to help them in the playoffs.

The Bulls already have a very talented young team which has achieved playoff status over the past several years. Hinrich, Duhon, Gordon, Noccioni, Tyrus Thomas, Joakim Noah..the list goes on. While they are one of the youngest and most talented teams around, they failed to make the playoffs this season. In the past, they tried to add Ben Wallace to the mix, but he never quite gave them the boost they were expecting. They made the new trade with Cleveland and Seattle to acquire guys like Larry Hughes, but that really won't solve much. The Bulls could package their pick along with some of their other talent and acquire a guy who's been in the league 5 years, to give them that extra talent they need. A friend of mine even suggested they make a trade involving Kirk Hinrich and some other players to get Yao Ming. They could draft Rose and have a nice inside-outside combo along with all their other talent.

There's definitely other teams in the draft who are eyeing that top pick, so we may see a trade between spots, and some guys shift teams. New York is one team that desperately wanted to win the lottery. At the 6 spot, they have a good shot to acquire OJ Mayo and get rid of Marbury, who's been a problem child. Come June we may see a wild draft with several teams jockeying for those higher picks. Quite possibly the Bulls will be this year's Boston Celtics in the draft and make a smart, big move to acquire the star power they need.

See a Mock NBA Draft list for speculation on who's going where.

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