Friday, August 17, 2007

Donaghy Naming Names

Former NBA ref Tim Donaghy is now giving up info on other NBA referees who he said have bet while employed by the NBA. It is not known what sort of betting they have done at this point.


"Former NBA official Tim Donaghy will reportedly give federal prosecutors information that will implicate other referees in some forms of gambling activity as part of his cooperation with government officials.

The offenses might not include any criminal activity, but could draw the ire of NBA commissioner David Stern, who has insisted the Donaghy situation was that of a "rogue, isolated criminal."

A report on 1050 ESPN Radio in New York said Donaghy will give prosecutors as many as 20 names of other NBA officials and will detail their involvement in some form of gambling activity. The specifics of the gambling allegations are reportedly believed to include betting in casinos."

This could spell bad news for the NBA as David Stern originally said he believed this was the act of just one referee. It's not reported yet just what the betting was by the other officials, so they may not have been involved in the same sort of bets or mafia ring as Donaghy was. Donaghy has already plead guilty to federal conspiracy charges that he passed alongside info on NBA games.

Full article on Donaghy here.

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